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The Only Sane Member of AVALANCHE
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Thursday, March 18th, 2004
10:18 pm
A Guardian's work is never done
The sojourn to Costa del Sol, it seems, was cancelled due to pressure from Lord Godo. Yuffie, of course, is predictably irate, and I suspect on the verge of running away from home to join Zack in Scarlet's domicile, there to spend all her days on the vapid time-consuming exploits of shopping and "girl-talk". I shall have to search diligently for more Materia to send her way to distract console her...

It is unfortunate about the vacation, I was so looking forward to seeing Cid in bathing trunks all my friends once more. But considering how many of our foes and rivals, both living and returned from the dead, had chosen that resort as their destination, it is probably for the best. Frankly, I am not certain what I would have done if I had found myself in the same locale as both Hojo and Scarlet, not to mention Sephiroth.

Speaking of Scarlet, I truly do not appreciate the way she has latched her claws into poor, impressionable young Zack, clouding his mind with thoughts of lust and depravity illusions and lies. I fear I shall have to rescue him one day soon. After all, his chastity innocence orientation soul is at stake, and if he is suitably grateful repentant, I will allow him the use of my den until such time as he is free of his overprotective family...perhaps indefinitely. There is, after all, a selection of "toys" and other entertainments to surpass and outclass even Scarlet's, if that is truly his penchant. And before anyone makes any assumptions, I have no idea what most of them do. Although I am most willing to learn! They were Father's.

But I do miss Cid's haunches passion warmth company, it seems so long since we last mated spoke. I understand he is in love with assisting Vincent, and I am beginning to realize Vincent's sexual magnetism charm and appeal, but I do hope Cid has not forgotten me, or that some ill has not befallen him. Perhaps I should travel to Nibelheim and check in with Vincent to gauge the competition obtain information on our pilot's whereabouts...

Besides, I still have his stash that I labored so intensely to recover, and wish to return it to him. Or would that make suitable blackmail material...?

Current Mood: worried
Thursday, March 11th, 2004
2:07 am
Is the Lifestream flowing free...?
...for it seems that far too many who were supposed to be safely confined within its veridian depths have returned to the Planet long before their time. Not only are Sephiroth and Rufus alive and well, but so are Hojo and Scarlet. Why are all our villainous enemies sprouting like carnivorous plants in the Ancient Forest, when my Grandfather is nowhere to be seen?

*lets out a long, low, moaning howl to the moon*

Many things have occurred since last I wrote in this journal. Poor Vincent went off on a vengeful sojourn to Midgar and was imprisoned by Hojo, released only by the timely intervention of Cloud and Cid... *trails off as a warm, tender smile crosses his muzzle at thoughts of the virile pilot* I would have gladly aided in both Vincent's chastisement of that perverted scientist and the rescue of our friend, if I had not been...distracted by what I found in my den, not to mention approaching Yuffie so as to obtain her loyalty (and further porn stashes...) and endeavoring to keep her out of Scarlet's "glamourous" clutches. Forgive me, Cid...I should have been with you... *hangs head*

Never fear. If either she or Hojo attempts to recapture Vincent, or harm Cid in any way, I shall have to...take steps. And if, in such a venture, it is my turn to be abducted and experimented upon, I shall face it bravely.

After all, what is the worst that could happen? I could be injected with additional Jenova cells and transformed into an anthropomorphic body. All the better to wreak havoc in Hojo's laboratory...and if I should happen to corner Cid in his bedchamber thereafter...

Did I say that out loud? *blushes*

Current Mood: anxious
Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004
12:32 pm
Target: Nanaki o_o
I'm not certain why I have one of these..."Livejournals", I find it hard to type with these paws...it was Cid's suggestion. I suspect he only wished to share his porn collection with me, or to have someone join him in ogling Vincent. (Don't deny it, Cid. You forget I have fangs and claws, and if you push me I will Cosmo Memory your ass into the Crater.)

*whines* And why does everyone think I took ANYthing of Tifa's??? She's nice enough, I suppose, but I much prefer her FULLY clothed, thank you. In point of fact, I'm not certain I've ever seen her in that state...and when I first saw her perform magic, I thought those were weapons she was wielding when she spread her arms. Now I am positive that's what they are, considering the havoc they (or their exposure) are wreaking on the members of Avalanche...

In other news, apparently the others are all planning a vacation to Costa del Sol. Normally I wouldn't consider it, but it's become rather dull and disheartening trying to have deep father-son talks with a statue. I just hope they all realize that my tail is not the only thing that has a mind of its own... *chuckles*

*prepares to depart his den, then discovers something hidden under his pillow* CID!!! Why did you hide your stash HERE, of all places?!? *ceases roaring to actually study some of the pictures he's found, then cranes his neck and twists his head this way and that in disbelief and morbid fascination* And I didn't even know a human could get into those positions...

Vincent, some of these pics might interest you as well... *toothy grin*
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